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Author Topic: ABOUT MERIT POINTS  (Read 5305 times)
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WWW Awards
« on: February 26, 2007, 10:21:27 AM »

About Merit Points

The merit point system allows members of Carc Central to reward other members.  Whenever a merit point is given as a reward, it affects the member's total; it is not tied specifically to the member's post.  Over time, members who contribute positively will accumulate merit points.

Reasons to Award

Awarding a merit point to a fellow member is generous way of acknowledging a particularly good post or response by a member.  For instance, if a member has posted a helpful guide, strategy or tip, or if a member has contributed to a discussion with a particularly insightful comment, feel free to reward him or her with a merit reward point by clicking on the green up-arrow graphic for a reward.

Who Gave Me Merit Points and Why?

The merit point system is anonymous. Anyone can give anyone else a merit point without having to reveal themselves or their reason.  If they so choose, they can post a reason why.  It was felt that this promotes more usage of the system than if one has to do more work by entering a reason. If you are curious to know who gave you merit points and why, just read your last couple of posts and give yourself some credit for your contribution, as clearly others have done.

Can we Penalize Others?

Not any longer. Originally, for our first year, members were able to. Reasons to hand out a merit penalty included things like a member being rude, demeaning or any action unbecoming of a member.  However, after a number of mystery member penalties that were given, it was decided that those reasons were best left to moderators to enforce, not members.

Why Can't I Give Merit Points?

There are typically a few reasons why you might not be able to:

1. You cannot give merit points to yourself (silly!)
2. New members have to contribute a few posts before they are permitted to use the merit system.
3. Members can only give merit points once per hour.

What Can I do with my Merit Points?

Merit points are a general indication of a member's standing in the Carc Central community.  Likely the member with a high number of merit points is a good contributor and a positive influence.  At this time there are no specific rewards for merit points, but we will be definitely considering this for the future!
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