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Author Topic: Non-Carc Central Variants and Expansions  (Read 8920 times)
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Marquis Chevalier

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Custom Tile Maker

« on: February 08, 2009, 08:38:47 AM »

I just thought I'd start a thread for those who are looking for variants and expansions other than those we produce here at this site.

German expansions:
1. Formerly hosted by Hans im Glück

2. Hosted by Martin Storbeck
These include expansions made by Carsten Engles and Guido Kämmer.  I would like to highlight two in particular:
* Lake, Fishermen and Lighthouse
* City Quarter

This is one of the German tile expansions. The tiles themselves match the original game tiles, but the colors are somewhat washed out.
My understanding is that fan expansions like this are permissible by Hans im Glück, at least in Germany.

Before play begins, set the four large city quarter tiles aside, and add the corresponding regular tiles to the play set.

When a tile with a city symbol is drawn, the player plays the corresponding large tile in its place. The player may deploy a knight to the city if the city section is not yet claimed. The tile with the symbol is removed from play.

In scoring, each Quarter tile counts as two regular city tiles. Each Quarter tile also has an impact on the value of other city tiles, as follows (these modifiers do not apply to the Quarter itself).

Market Quarter (Ear of Wheat)
The grain market is an important commercial center of the Market Quarter. When the city is scored, each regular city tile counts 1 point more.

Garden Quarter (Rose)
In the Restoration Period, interest in gardens created demand for columns, wells, trees, and flower beds—and a market arose to meet demand. When the city is scored, each regular city tile counts 1 point more.

Noble Quarter (Coin)
The Noble Quarter is home to the aristocracy. This quarter adds a lot of value to the host city. When the city is scored, each regular city tile counts 2 points more.

Slum Quarter (Pistol)
The poor of the city live in these ghettos, where illness and violence are the order of the day. The quarter is a blight upon the entire city; when the city is scored, each regular city tile counts 1 point less.

With the cathedral in play, the value of the completed city can increase 4 or even 5 points per city tile. If more than one quarter is added to the city, calculate their combined contribution before applying them to the other city tiles. For example, a city with a Slum Quarter tile (-1 point for each regular tile) cancels out an adjacent Market Quarter tile (+1 point). They therefore have no impact on the scoring of the city.
This expansion really plays well with the Cathedral city tiles and the Cathar expansion. You never know what will become of a city!

3. Board Game Geek variants and expansions
4. Portland Gamers'/Kevin Graham's variants and expansions

The 4 lists above are just samples of what is available out there.  Have fun searching.


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« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2009, 09:04:34 AM »

Here is some more stuff... (klick Onofficiële Uitbreidingen )

And here (no Expansions but... Cheesy )

Duke Chevalier

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WWW Awards
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2009, 10:18:50 AM »

I can't believe you didn't include this:

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